Dr Gregg Scott-Schrecengost PHD / The Wellness Center For Alternative Medicine (WCFAM)( provides all-holistic natural medical services  to healing and health seeking clients, looking for science-based, herbal non~drug Whole person care (Body Mind Soul Spirit).  Dr Gregg Scott Schrecengost is a Board certified traditional natural medicine doctor (naturopath) & myopractor, a traditional osteopathic practitioner, clinical reflexologist (including Auricular Ear Points Therapy)and medical Chi Gong teacher. He is a certified clinical nutritionist with the International Association of Applied Clinical Nutritionists I.A.A.C.N. He is also a doctor of therapeutic Hypnosis. Dr Gregg's focuses and specialties are in the area of true-soul empowerment of his clients, their enlightenment, their uncovering of their self-healing potential that lies within and educating them on Natural Medicine noninvasive strategies that will propel them toward optimal health / healing / physiological homeostasis.
   As a traditional naturopath and functional nutritional health specialist, Gregg utilizes necessary clinical testing - kinesio-response,blood analysis and lab tests - in uncovering underlying physiologically ill-causing imbalances. From here, a targeted effective all-natural, all-nutritional wellness program can be customized for the client.  Each client learns to build her/his health, fortify personal well-being, permanently heal, and subsequenty have a much improved lifestyle. 
   Gregg is the new dean of the Naturopathy College Transnational and new director of the Global Healing Naturopathic Society.  Interested individuals should contact him directly regarding enrollment / membership --- (724)919-7231

   A Holistic Body Healing area that is also an important part of the service here at the Wellness Alternative Center,  is Remedial Reflexology Therapy(Foot zone) / AccuPressure. Based on ancient Traditional Chinese/Asian Medicine systems, these therapies are often crucial in balancing and harnessing a client's "healing potential," or also known as 'healing bio energy' or 'qi'/'chi' (in China) or 'prana' (India) or 'ki' (Japan).   Reflexology is point therapy done mainly to the feet, hands, ears, face and cranial. These areas on the body hold "maps" that reflect the whole person's body (including the deepest internal parts). Reflexologists and  acu therapists are trained to utilize the points on these "maps" to stimulate targeted healing in their client, aiding them in health-building, pain management and effective detoxification. Results are often nothing short of miraculous.

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Dr Gregg Scott Schrecengost, having advanced training, offers Dr Theresa Dale PHD ND's  'WEIGHT LOSS /NORMALIZATION Program' with BIO-SLIM (HOMEOPATHY) and 'THE H.C.G. SLIM DIET' --       Also, for Health Optimizing/Healing,    he offers * N.P.R. 'Neuro-Physical Reprogramming',  * H.R.S. Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation System and * Anti-Aging Strategies (as trained by Dr Theresa Dale)

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SESSIONS are charged at $0.80 per minute -- typically charged in 15 minute increments [15 min is $12]
30min is $24;  45min is $36;  60min is $48;  75min is $60;  90min is $72; 120min is $96
                 Cash-pay private service only [ALSO accepting payment through ]. No insurance is accepted. Additional costs to clients may include nutrition products, herbals and lab testing (if the client is a funtional nutrition patient).
OUT-CALL FEE added to session fee is: $7.00
** (A Brochure of all health services may be emailed--send your email address. **
** Holistic natural therapies can be safely, scrupulously integrated with a client's physicians healthcare/prescriptions;
A client's medical doctor may contact Gregg Scott Schrecengost  at 724-919-7231 or **
REMEDIAL REFLEXOLOGY/FOOT ZONES ~   A gentle, holistic therapy which works through pressure-point massage of the feet to induce deep relaxation and healing, relieving pain and tension and stimulating the immune system. It has been in use for over 4,000 years, and nowadays is practiced all over the world, in hospitals as well as private health centers. Suitable for adults, children and babies.  --Additional reflexology treatments may be done on hands, cranial/facial(see below) and ear (called 'Auricular Reflexology Therapy')
NUTRITIONAL HEALTH (FUNCTIONAL HEALTH CARE)  ~   Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Clinical Nutritionists use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual's symptoms and health concerns. This approach allows them to work with individuals to address nutritional balance and help support the body towards maintaining health.      Practitioners consider each individual to be unique and recommend personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. [Dr Gregg's approach may include a comprehensive bioregulatory medicine approach, that incorporates nutritional, herbal, homeopathic & detoxification care, aimed at health restoration/root-cause rectifying]   ORDERING AND ARRANGING SPECIFIC WELLNESS LAB TESTS - GO TO: [*Be sure to type '/thewellnesscenter'after .com] - A free 20min consult is availabe regarding any wellness lab tests, which can be a critical insight to your health status. Contact TheWellness Center & Dr Gregg
LABORATORY WELLNESS TESTS: Understand Your Biomarkers (Blood Markers) - Laboratory tests play an important role in the detection and monitoring of many diseases. It is estimated that 70% of the information used in the detection of disease is based upon the use of lab tests.
REIKI HEALING  ~   Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means "Universal Life" and (Ki) which means "Energy". Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki Practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others. It is believed that a person's "ki"(or "chi") or energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true a person's body and mind is in a positive state of health. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotionsl imbalance. A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels -- physical, mental, and emotional.
MEDICAL HERBOLOGY  ~   Medical Herbologists make use of plants whose traditional uses are backed up by modern scientific research and clinical trials.    Herbal medicine is suitable for people of any age, including children, who respond especially well to the gentle actions of herbs. Each patient is treated as an individual--a Medical Herbologist recognizes that no two patients are the same. Herbologists take an holistic approach to illness, treating the underlying cause of disease rather than just the symptoms. They are able to prescribe herbal remedies to be used alongside other medication and treatments.
HOMEOPATHY  ~   Homeopathy is a holistic approach which works with the system to re-balance it on all levels in order for true healing to take place. It is based on the ancient healing theory that 'like cures like'--that a substance which can cause a set of symptoms can also cure those symptoms when given in a specially prepared attenuated dose. The consultation process is thorough and wide-ranging and involves taking a full case-history after which a remedy, or remedies, are prescribed to suit the individual.
AROMATHERAPY  ~  Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation in the recipient. The essential oils are extracted from the parts of herbs and plants and contain all the properties of the plants themselves.
CRANIO-REFLEXOLOGY THERAPY  C.R.T.   ~       a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.     Addresses the cranial-sacral system, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and cranial reflexes.
MANUAL OSTEOPATHY,MYOPRACTIC & REMEDIAL THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE  & ACUPRESSURE   ~~ Our affiliated massage and bodywork specialist's schedule availability - will be provided to interested clients __
AROMATHERAPY BODYWORK   ~~  Aromatherapy bodywork is the alternative therapeutic technique which combines the natural therapeutic properties of plant-based essential oils and the healing power of bodywork reflexology. It is one of the oldest forms of natural healing using powerful, plant essential oils and reflexology to help stimulate our body's healing and immune systems. Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasant, effective and beneficial treatments of natural healthcare, with no side effects.
HEALING TOUCH POLARITY THERAPY and Chakra Balancing ~~  Polarity therapy is a holistic treatment for achieving and maintaining good health. It is a form of energy healing developed by Dr Randolph Stone D.O.,N.D. that seeks to balance polar energies and elemental energies in the human body. This work is based on the premise positive and negative energy poles anchor a grid-like map of energy circuits and fields covering your entire body. Life force energy travels through this grid much the same way electricity flows through power lines. Overactive or underactive energy along these pathways can lead to imbalance and illness.
BIO-MAGNET THERAPY   ~~ Bio-Magnet Therapy is an all-natural, noninvasive therapy that consists of the placement of special rare earth magnets of certain strength and polarity on specific parts of the body to balance pH. Bio-Magnet Therapy combines microbiology, pathophysiology, physics, and kinesiology into a simple, noninvasive therapy. This therapy empowers your immune system to heal the body, helps balance the body's pH, and promotes natural self-healing. 
PSYCHO-NEURO-IMMUNOLOGY  /  Special studies on the ill-effects of stress (refer to Dr Gregg's blog:
NEURO-PHYSICAL REPROGRAMMING (N.P.R.) -- a professional healing technology that helps practitioners locate and eliminate identities, emotions and belief systems that are the cause of disease. Epigenetic control can be achieved and perceptions can be changed with N.P.R. sessions and homeopathic Neuro-Emotional Meridian Remedies.
CLINICAL TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY  ~  Therapeutic  Ericksonian Hypnotherapy,  Mind-Body  Therapy Approach, NLP coaching, Past Life Regression Hypnosis as tools for a client's personal evolution and healing 
NEURO-LINGUISTIC  PROGRAMMING. ~   Maximize  the mind~spirit~body. Attain full potential
MEDICAL CHI GONG THERAPY INSTRUCTION    ~   Chi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of "breathing" or "vital energy" mind control exercises. It has a remarkably positive effect on health. It can help prevent and cure diseases, increase strength, resist premature senility and ensure long life in ancient China. It was called a method for warding off disease and prolonging life.
  Widely known in China, with popularity growing in the West, Medical Chi Gong (Qigong) is a healing art by which stagnant energy is unblocked and balance restored to the Yin and Yang. Rather than using needles, herbs, or massage, Medical Chi Gong relies on the ability to direct "Chi" with the mind through the hands without touching the client. The duration of a typical session is approximately thirty minutes (slightly longer for the initial visit). The client may sit or lay on the table and remain fully clothed. The practitioner begins by scanning the body which will reveal any areas of concern.     After the session, the client will be given a prescription of Chi Gong Exercise to assist in his/her ongoing healing, similar to an acupuncturist prescribing healing herbs.   //       MEDICAL CHI GONG is good for:   *Reinforce the body's natural defense of illnesses  *Calm the nervous system to feel peaceful and for relaxation  *General pain: neck, shoulder, knee, postoperative pains, arthritis, and joint pain  *Migraine headaches, sinus problems, allergies  *Spinal  *Weight Loss  *Hearing  *Kidney, liver dysfunction  *Gallbladder and kidney stones  *Glandular dysfunction such as thyroid  *Diabetes type I and II  *PTSD  *Heart attacks, congestive heart failure, recovery from heart surgery, and general heart dysfunction  *Circulation  *Strokes  *Cancers  *Mental disorders: post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, addictions, obsessive/compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, dyslexia  *Stress, anxiety, and depression  *Lung  *Autism  *Autoimmune dysfunction such as AIDS and lupus  *Bone marrow  *Comas  *Digestion  *And More
R-L-D-T LYMPH TREATMENT  ~  A specialty form of our remedial reflexology service for those suffering from Secondary Lymphedema.  /  R-L-D-T (Reflexologic Lymph Drainage Therapy) focuses on specific lymphatic reflexes on the feet, stimulating the Lymphatic System within the body. R-L-D-T Therapy stimulates the flow of the fluid (lymph) through the lymphatic system which explains the reduction of swelling.
What is Secondary Lymphedema?   Lymphedema is a long-term condition that causes the tissues within the body to swell as the body's lymph is not drained properly.  --  Whilst it can occur throughout the body, it is most common in the arms and legs. This swelling is a result of excess fluid in the tissues which is not drained due to the lymphatic system being damaged, defective or blocked. This network of glands and channels is responsible for not only fighting infections, but also removing excess fluid.    Secondary lymphedema occurs due to damage to the lymphatic system, which could be a result of surgical removal of lymph nodes in the treatment of breast, vulval or penile cancer; radiotherapy directly to lymph nodes; invasion of tutor cells on the lymphatic vessels and nodes; infections; vascular surgery; or direct trauma to the body parts, e.g., burns, accidents, grazes or open wounds.    HOW DOES REFLEXOLOGIC LYMPH DRAINAGE THERAPY R-L-D-T HELP SECONDARY LYMPHEDEMA?  Stimulation of nerves supplying the feet can help improve blood and lymph circulation and restore energy flow.  / The Lymphatic System is connected to three other body systems: cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems. The specific reflex areas of the feet have thousands of nerve endings that correspond to other parts of the body.  R-L-D-T LYMPH THERAPY CAN HELP IN A VARIETY OF WAYS. THIS INCLUDES: *Reduced swelling, *Less pain and discomfort, *A feeling of improved body image and well-being, *An increase in the strength and mobility of the arm or leg, *Improvement of general well-being.   All of these things are vital for those who are suffering with lymphedema and can help them to feel great again.
GREGG SCOTT SCHRECENGOST is a full qualified, advanced remedial reflexologist with over 5 years of experience and offers R-L-D-T Lymph Therapy in our Wellness alternative center and mobile health services.
USERS OF THIS WEBSITE & GREGG SCOTT-SCHRECENGOST'S SERVICES  NOTE: Gregg Scott Schrecengost is not a medical doctor / practitioner physician. All information provided is for educational purposes only. The opinions expressed here belong to Gregg Scott Schrecengost or the author quoted and do not constitute medical treatment in any way. Gregg Scott Schrecengost does not diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical or psychiatric condition. 

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Medical Herbology - Homeopathy - Aromatherapy
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Energy Healing Therapies / Reiki / Hypnotherapy 
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   Director; Doctor in Natural Medicine             Manual Traditional Osteopathic Practitioner(MTOP)  Clinical Nutritionist   Functional Medicine Coach  Board Cert Remedial Reflexologist     Myopractor         Certified AccuPressurist                   Naturopath (Taditional)          Herbology Practitioner       ORIENTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST -  CHI GONG TEACHER &  Transpersonal Hypnotherapist [Gregg is NOT a medical doctor or medical professional. He is a drugless holistic practitioner / minister]

Gregg Scott Schrecengost practices Non-drug natural medicine / complementary holistic health services / manual osteopathy & myopractic; is a doctor of reflexology arts and naturopathy; and is an advanced nlp hypnotist.     ASSOCIATED:  PROFESSIONAL MEMBER:   Complementary Medical Association, American Naturopathic Medical Association, American Alternative Medicine Association, National Association for Drugless Practitioners, International Association of Applied Clinical Nutritionists, American Chronic Pain Association, Manual Osteopathic Society, Maryland Reflexologic Association. REGISTERED with Complementary Medicine Association & International Alliance of Holistic Therapists IAHT, HHP, Holistic Healthcare Specialists; Nanjing Natural Medicine Association (China); Global Healing Naturopathic Society / Naturopathic Healing Ministers;  UTAH FZTA Foot Zone Therapist
           GREGG S SCHRECENGOST   holds degrees and certificates in health sciences from:  *Indiana University of Pennsylvania, *International University for Nutrition Education, *International College of Naturopathic Studies, *California College of Natural Medicine, *Clayton College of Natural Health, *Americana Massage College, Center of Excellence *Baltimore School of Reflexology *Bio-Magnetism Research Institute *International School of Polarity Therapy, Healing Touch Therapists Trainings, Int'l Hypnotherapy Federation, World Federation of Chinese Medicine



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*ANNOUNCING   Karen Keener has joined us as a (contract) Yoga teacher / energy therapy teacher.  Workshop / class schedule to be announced



desire contract - specialists in acupressure, acupuncture, Chinese medical bodywork (tui na), chi gong and varied health modalities

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The fundamental theory of Bioregulatory Medicine (Homeopathic/Herbal) is that the body will function in a healthy manner after the burden of tissue toxicity is removed. Bioregulatory Medicine is easily explained by understanding that one can restore health by going through the sequence of health deterioration in reverse order.
   The seven organs of elimination must be healthy and functioning well to make full use of this protocol in order to remove waste and toxins efficiently through your system. At the same time, gastro-intestinal function should be improved to enable basic nutrients to be properly processed for absorption into the blood stream. These are then able to be transported properly, for eventual assimilation into the tissues and cell areas.
   The body heals from damage and degenerative conditions in a sequence documented by Dr Hans Reckeweg, MD, and his theory of reverse vicariation. In a nutshell, the body heals in the reverse order in which it became dysfunctional or became dis-ordered. The theory is now widely accepted in non-traditional medical theory and practice, and is well proven by patient experience and therapeutic efficacy.
Toxins from the outside world can enter our bodies through our:  *Intestines, via food and liquids, *Lungs, via the air, and *Skin, via many sources, including the air, liquids, topical residues, fragrance, etc...
Exogenous or external toxins that do enter our bodies include:
*Chemical off-gassing (construction building materials, paints, carpets, clothing, perfumes, lotions...)
*Combustion products (gasaline, diesel, kerosene, LP, natural gas, wood, and other fuel burning exhaust substances...)
*Food additives (artificial preservatives, coloring, flavorings, and vaccines...)
*Food chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and vaccines...)
*Heavy metals (dental mercury, tobacco cadmium, cosmetic & hair salon metals, and vaccines...)
*Industrial chemicals (petroleum & fuel liquids, antifreeze fluids, cleaning products, occupational solvents, and vaccines...)
*Lawn & Garden Chemicals (herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers...)
*Skin products (lotions, makeup, perfumes, colognes, laundry soap & softeners, soap fillers, cleansers...)
*Recreational and pharmaceutical drugs (metabolic man-made chemical residues...)
*Tobacco products purposefully chewed or inhaled as smoke, and second hand smoke, etc.
Endogenous or internal-sourced toxins are produced by normal metabolism in the cells. Both endogenous and exogenous toxins must be removed fom the tissue, detoxified, and eliminated via the urine, bile, breath, and sweat. However, when the organs of detoxification and elimination are overwhelmed, or the excretion is suppressed, the body then accumulates even more toxins and symptoms may develop which reflect the accumulation of excessive toxins in the various connective tissue matrix organ compartments.
  When beginning Dr Gregg's Wellness recovery program, elimination of these toxins is stimulated by professional homeopathic/herbal therapies. This may stimulate you to experience the symptoms in reverse order. This was explained above as "reverse vicariation", such as initially experiencing fever, mild headaches, skin eruptions, diarrhea, foul breath, etc. The strong elimination symptoms can be reduced by drinking plenty of clean filtered reverse osmosis water, taking certain remedies at a lower dose to ease into this elimination sequences, and beginning therapy by initially stimulating drainage detoxification in the organs and channels of elimination. Strong elimination symptoms will usually resolve in a few days to a few weeks, but the goal is to minimize or avoid the "healing crisis" type of elimination symptoms.
    The healing process will take time, as most clients have diseases or illnesses which developed as processes occurring over time. They will also require a process of time to reverse. The healing process and health restoration also takes time as the process of continuing to administer the remedies is an ongoing reminder to the body and cells to keep elimination its toxic burden. The acupuncture tradition has a rule of thumb regarding the length of time to resolve a chronic condition: A condition will generally resolve in about 20% of the time it has been present or in evolution.
    The professional products and remedies that Dr Gregg Scott-Schrecengost recommends to his clients have an energetic component, which means they act on an unseen aspect of the body, which we shall call the soul. We assume that such an effect on the unseen "energetic" realm because homeopathic medicine is effective at concentrations where there is no remaining measurable molecular substance left within the administered remedies. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by repeated dilution and succussion. Some of the remedies are awesomely powerful spagyric herbal extracts.
    The soul holds the divinely imprinted pattern and blueprint of maximal health for each body. Administering the homeopathic remedy and their energy patterns stimulates the soul to exert a normalizing force on the cells, tissues, and organs, to encourage the cells to eliminate the patterns of irritation caused by the buildup of toxic substances. The action of the soul on the cells and tissues of the body causes the cells to activate and eliminate the substances which do not conform to the soul's known perfect pattern of health. Thus, homeopathic remedies do not themselves provide health, but rather the remedies stimulate the body to restore health by activating the cellular matrix and exerting force on the body to eliminate the interfering toxic agents.
   Dr Gregg invites you to experience the ability for your body to detoxify and heal itself by introducing Bioregulatory medicine into your regular health care regimen, for health restoration from diseases, illnesses, and imbalances. Bioregulatory medicine should also be used to maintain the maximal level of health.
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